New album available soon!

El Butcho

You can now pre-order our new album El Butcho on black or transparent vinyl. Both variants are 180-gram vinyl. Our album will of course be streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and other music services.

We are really excited to share El Butcho with you!

El Butcho - Gennemsigtig vinyl
El Butcho - Sort vinyl
El Butcho - Digital download
Sheet music

Please contact us trough mail, phone or facebook to pre-order you choice, or if you have any questions!
At the moment, the new vinyl and sheet music “buttons”, sends you to our facebook page’s contact information.

Flat Bop's debut album

Soupe de Loop

Soupe de Loop can be purchased in CD or vinyl. The CD is a pocketsleeve, and the vinyl is a 180-gram yellow vinyl. Our album can of course be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify and other music services. Read some of our Danish reviews from JazzNyt, Ivan Rod and LOFTsKAMMER.

Soupe de Loop på CD
Soupe de Loop cover


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Flat Bop consists of Christoffer Find, Chris Falkenberg and Gunnar Ringøen in the timeless trio-format of saxophone, drums and Hammond organ. Their jazzy expression moves in-between genres influenced by funk, soul and blues that blends together in the modern way of seeing and hearing their music.

They started playing in 2016 and have since toured in Denmark and Norway throughout different festivals, jazz clubs, concert halls, outdoor events and more. The three musicians are profoundly focused on creating their own distinct sound, where they are spontaneous in their playing style which resolves in a mutual musical experience both on and off stage.